Following the Star

By Gail Ostrishko - 14th January 2013

Following the Star I attended the inaugural sermon of my BFF who just graduated from college and immediately accepted assignment as pastor of a small rural church. The...

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Chasing Rainbows

By Gail Ostrishko - 29th December 2012

Chasing Rainbows My elementary aged friends came for a visit recently while their mom took well deserved time away to play in a tennis tournament. I offered to...

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Destination Disney

By Gail Ostrishko - 29th November 2012

Destination DISNEY! I celebrated three birthdays in the last two months at Walt Disney World in Orlando! Not that I am complaining, Disney is definitely a magical destination,...

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Fair Enough!

By Gail Ostrishko - 29th October 2012

Fair Enough! I got my fill of the NC State Fair last week; it took just two hours, shortly before the gates flooded with fair goers.  I had...

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Son Rise Service

By Gail Ostrishko - 5th April 2010

Son Rise Service I love watching the sunset, especially over water. The sunrise is a totally different story…I would enjoy it a lot more if it didn’t occur...

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