Go For The Gold!

By Gail Ostrishko - 1st March 2010

  Go for the Gold! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the winter Olympics! There is something very special about seeing those athletes embrace their moment of glory. Win or...

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Impromptu Involvement

By Gail Ostrishko - 24th January 2010

Impromptu Involvement I read the weather forecast last weak and learned that it was going to be sunny and 65 at the beach for the next few days....

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Get Fit

By Gail Ostrishko - 1st January 2010

  Get Fit!  Working out at the YMCA is one of my favorite weekly rituals. I try to make it to group fitness classes at least three times...

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Worth the wait!

By Gail Ostrishko - 9th December 2009

Worth the wait!  In this season of anticipation, I suspect we will all do our share of waiting. Waiting in line at the store or the post office,...

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Career Pioneers

By Gail Ostrishko - 26th October 2009

Career Pioneers ‘They just don’t make them like they used to!’ This is a timeless truth; applicable to almost anything you can think of, but especially indicative of...

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