Conquering FEAR

Okay, I admit it, I was afraid, though I tried not to frame it as fear.

The thought of someone cutting my face, extracting a cancerous tumor, then repairing it with stitches resulting in a permanent scar was intimidating to say the least.

I tried not to think about it, ‘it is what it is’, as they say; not an expression I advocate but one of timeless truth in some situations.  I did my research, interviewed several surgeons, asked everyone I knew, all of whom had some brush with cancer, and then I followed my gut.  I knew in my heart who I trusted as professional partners in this process.   I planned my path, and waited patiently through a series of pre-op appointments as my day of transformation quickly approached.

As we arrived at the surgery center in the wee hours of morning, long before the sun rose, I was amazed by the volume of people there and the flurry of activity.   I polled other patients as we eased down the hall towards our individual adventures.  ‘What type of surgery are you having?’  I asked with genuine curiosity and encouragement.

I heard back surgery, cataract surgery, and others that all seemed more serious, yet somehow less intimidating than excising cancer from my face.

The older woman, trailing behind us with the assistance of her walker said what I had been thinking for weeks:   ‘I am nervous, but not afraid.’

Wow, what power those words have:  reminding me of the choice I have for interpreting my feelings into productive tools for healing and recovery.

I was surprised to be on my way home within a couple of hours of being wheeled back to surgery, with no trace of an IV or any other intrusion, beyond the bandages on my face.  I never even experienced pain, and took only two of the pills prescribed to avoid it.  I never imagined myself singing praises so soon after my surgery experience.

Comfort came from many directions:   a skilled team of surgeons of course, along with the loving assistance of family and friends, cards, packages and even flowers delivered to my door.  I was bathed in love and prayers in a way I hope others experienced as well.  I was greeted with genuine caring, confidence and reassurance every step of the way.

So I enter this holiday season with an extra sense of sincere gratitude; for my health and my wealth,   natural byproducts of my faithful community of family, friends and professionals, all of whom contribute to my well-being.   What do you fear?  And how can you face those False Enemies Appearing Real in a manner that contributes to your gratitude, growth and longevity?   Your body only knows what your brain tells it so choose a positive perspective and experience the power of your self-fulfilling prophecy.  Conquer your FEAR, feel in control and experience the grace of gratitude.


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