In the corporate culture, people who are good at their jobs tend to be promoted to roles of leadership and management, thus climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. Unfortunately, this is not always an effective approach. Just because someone is good at their job does not mean they will be good at leading people or managing projects. In many professions quite the contrary is true, so people find themselves removed from what they enjoyed and excelled at, only to be plagued with human resource issues they are not prepared to manage.

Don’t let that be you!

Determine your strengths and natural abilities, and put them to work for you, your colleagues and your organization! Coaching will help you identify and articulate what makes sense for you in the world of work, and prepare you to do the same for others!


Highlands Brochure

Sample Adult Report

Highlands Ability Battery with comprehensive 30+ page report and 2 hour personalized interpretive feedback session



~ Leveraging Your Leadership ~
The Highlands Ability Battery
includes comprehensive 30+ page report,
2 hour personalized interpretive feedback session,
One month (Four sessions) follow up coaching with
Highlands Whole Person Model,
and other tools for life and career planning




Craft Your Customized Combination of:

  • Weekly or biweekly phone conversations
  • Face to face meetings
  • Assessment tools
  • Email and on line assignments
  • Goal setting and visualization activities
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“Gail was the consummate professional at every stage… From our contracting conversation exploring the potential value of the (Highlands Ability)
Battery in informing assistant principals of the need to understand both their own natural abilities as well as those whom they lead, to the coaching conversations she conducted with each of 16 participants responding to questions and engendering appreciation for the assessment process, to whole-group sessions deepening collective ability to leverage the assessment in their work as school leaders, Gail’s performance was well delivered and well received.”

Dr. Steve Bingham, Executive Director
Triangle Leadership Academy