There’s no place like HOME!

Another amazing adventure it was driving down through the Florida Keys. Though I have been there several times, it is always a new experience. I flew into Miami on previous trips, missing many of the miles and scenery. We took the long road this time, and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. Even getting stuck behind the paint truck became an opportunity to observe our beautiful surroundings. Saint Augustine was a perfect halfway point where we occupied the Plum room at the House of Sea and Sun. Our oceanfront abode entertained as many canines as it did human guests, complete with sand and dog hair on the floor. My kind of place. Though she didn’t let on immediately, Graci obviously enjoyed making friends with her new canine companions. We saw several other guests at the local eatery where we joined them for dinner and drinks. We hit the road right after breakfast to check out Flagler College on our way down south. We arrived in Key Largo just in time for sunset dinner on the deck at Lorelei’s. We loved it, but Graci was not a big fan of the live music. Back at our poolside villa, we took the short trek to the coral beach and marina. Out early again for breakfast at our new favorite waterfront hangout, we got down to Key West in no time. My friend was born and raised there. Her dad built her first boat when she was eight, and she recently celebrated forty years as Captain of Dancing Dolphin Spirit Charters off the coast of her beloved Key. What an ultimate backstage tour we got of the entire island and its history. After our boat ride to Boca Beach and beyond we dined under the stars with local live music again. On our way back up we made my favorite stop at Island Dolphin Care to visit friends and get up close and personal with the dolphins. One final set of friends opened their home and hearts to us on our way back up through Delray Beach. We knew they were funny, but had no idea how long and hard we would belly laugh over dinner. Wow, we covered a lot of ground (2000 miles) in a short period of time(6 days). We considered one more sleepover in South Carolina to break up the final stretch, but opted for bulldogging it back up the coast to wake up on our own island. While I do love travel and especially vacation, enjoying the final day at home is always a good idea. Sitting on the deck, looking one direction at the ocean the other at the sound, we shared a silent simultaneous sentiment; ’there’s no place like home’.

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