Still trying to figure out who to be when you grow up?

Frustrated by a lack of purpose and passion in your profession?
Want to express WHO you are through WHAT you do in a job you LOVE?

Engage in a Dynamic Proactive process of life and career planning beginning with PERMANENT baseline data and a SOLID structure for making decisions.
The Highlands Ability Battery is a state of the art assessment tool designed to reveal natural abilities. Combined with a comprehensive written report and personalized feedback session, participants gain a clear understanding of how they learn, communicate and solve problems, as well as defining what environments and arenas are most conducive to satisfaction and productivity. A powerful, permanent process for educational and career planning, team building, leadership development, and human resource management.

  • Identify the environments and arenas most conducive to your productivity
  • Understand and articulate your abilities, skills and interests
  • Find purpose and passion in your current and future career path
  • Set goals and take action toward the life you desire and deserve


Gail is a coach that recognizes what you need and helps to guide you where you want to go, even when you may not see what it is you need or what your destination is at the beginning. She hears what you say (and don’t say) and then helps you to recognize the patterns in your words and actions so that you can move beyond your current situation. The gentle nudging and affirmations of progress really helped me to take credit for the progress I made. Gail really had a gift in helping me to see my strengths, utilize my strengths and reach my desired destination that I couldn’t visualize at the beginning. I highly recommend her!

– Tracy P.


The Highlands Brochure

Adult Sample Report

Highlands Ability Battery with comprehensive 30+ page report and 2 hour personalized interpretive feedback session



~ Career Check Up Package ~
The Highlands Ability Battery
includes comprehensive 30+ page report,
2 hour personalized interpretive feedback session,
One month (Four sessions) follow up coaching with
Highlands Whole Person Model,
and other tools for life and career planning




Craft Your Customized Combination of:

  • Weekly or biweekly phone conversations
  • Face to face meetings
  • Assessment tools
  • Email and on line assignments
  • Goal setting and visualization activities


After working with Gail, I now have an amazing opportunity to really do what I am passionate about and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. I feel alive, inspired and so excited I can’t wait to write the chapters of my own life for the first time with my new career. This is what I was meant to do….even when I did not have a clear path to follow – I trusted the process of self-discovery and having a dedicated, supported, talented career coach, Gail – to provide the unbiased, insight and encouragement to help me develop a plan to align my personality style and driving abilities into a career within an industry that I have always been interested in. Gail’s feedback, questions and assignments have proven effective to help me better understand my natural abilities and how these relate to career development & planning. This investment in myself has paid off and because of Gail I now have a rewarding career and look forward to living my life to the fullest.

I can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement and support,
~ Gayla