Recent Adventures

In Pursuit of Happiness

By Gail Ostrishko - 21st July 2015

It is almost impossible to describe the aura of the annual conference of the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor. You have to experience it for yourself to understand...

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Conquering FEAR

By Gail Ostrishko - 26th November 2014

Okay, I admit it, I was afraid, though I tried not to frame it as fear. The thought of someone cutting my face, extracting a cancerous tumor, then...

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By Gail Ostrishko - 30th September 2014

I enjoyed my annual adventure to New York City this summer, and in search of something new to do, I took the train to Coney Island.  It was...

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Music is Magic!

By Gail Ostrishko - 24th March 2014

My latest adventure took me to Nashville TN, affectionately known as Music City for obvious reasons.   It was just as amazing as I had imagined.   I walked the...

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Swimming with Dolphins

By Gail Ostrishko - 2nd April 2013

An Intentional Intuitive Adventure! I was on assignment near Miami last month so I took the first flight out in search of adventure. My first thought was Miami...

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