Gail Ostrishko is a creative catalyst for maximizing human resource potential through a variety of venues.  From customized traing programs to facilitating meetings, Gail can help you define and achieve Results through Relationships!

Nurturing the Nurturers

Gail embarked on her evolution as an innovative entrepreneur  nearly two decades ago as a result of her desire to share her counseling  experience with other helping professionals and educators committed   to  strengthening children and families.  She continues to support, encourage and educate those who do  the same for others, Thus ‘nurturing the nurturers’ who strive  to make our world  a better place. Practical Principles and experiential tools are the  foundation of   her engaging, enlightening and introspective approach to helping  people help themselves.

Popular Programs include…

Customized to 1 hour, ½ day or full day programs

The Art of Encouragement
Encouragement is contagious! Learn to expect the best from yourself and others and watch as it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy! Train employees to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t while boosting productivity, morale and retention.

Write Your Own Ticket
Ever wish you could write your own ticket’? Ever realize you already do? It takes courage and conscious effort to hear and honor your true calling. Pursue your Passion in a way that increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Conscious Career Choices
How much time do you invest in conscious career planning? If you are like most people, you spend more time planning your vacation than planning your life and career. Maximize your strengths by embracing a structured model for exploring the unique and multifaceted evolution of your career development

Congruent Communication: Say what you mean and Mean What You Say!
Communication is the single most influential factor determining what happens to people in relationships, careers, and life. Communication is also complicated, multifaceted and most often learned by trial and error. Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say, and confirm congruency in your conversations in this lively interactive session.

Building Your Personal and Professional Network
Business is all about relationships. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. We used to say ‘It’s not what you know but who you know” but that has changed. Now it’s not who YOU know, but who knows YOU. Take a strategic approach to building relationships and kick-start your networking in this lively interactive session.

Authentic Leadership: Begin Within
What is Leadership? How do we identify and honor our unique leadership style? Which styles work best in which situations? Explore these questions and more in this engaging introspective approach to being the leader you are meant to be.

Engage, Enlist and Empower
How do I motivate employees? How do I foster individual responsibility and initiative in such a diverse group of people? Understanding motivation and knowing your colleagues are fundamental to inspiring the best in everyone. Explore styles and strategies for recognizing and developing the talent around you.

Cultivating Creativity and Innovation
Creativity is both ability and attitude. It is instrumental for innovative and effective problem solving, yet less than 5% of adults consider themselves creative. Explore challenges and strategies for capitalizing on individual and collective creativity.

Change, Choice and Challenge
Change is the only constant we can count on. With Change come choices and challenges. Explore each along with proactive strategies for maximizing these powerful resources.

Safe Stress
Stress in an inevitable fact of life. How we define and manage stress is paramount to our sense of success and well being. Explore a variety of sources, symptoms and strategies for maximizing the power of this internal energy source.

The Power of Positive Thinking
You may be surprised by the power of perception. Learn what a profound impact a positive outlook can have on your life.

Crossed Wires
Why is it when I say one thing you hear another? Explore how culture, gender and other differences influence our ability to communicate effectively.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind
The mind and body are 2 sides of the same coin. Explore the powerful connection between physical, cognitive and emotional health along with strategies for improving all 3! Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism, while boosting your bottom line!