Uncertain what/where/why to study?

Trying to decide on a college and/or major?
Seeking clarity regarding what makes sense for you in the world of work?

Engage in a Dynamic Proactive process of life and career planning beginning with PERMANENT baseline data and a SOLID structure for making decisions.

The Highlands Ability Battery is a state of the art assessment tool designed to reveal natural abilities. Combined with a comprehensive written report and personalized feedback session, participants gain a clear understanding of how they learn, communicate and solve problems, as well as defining what environments and arenas are most conducive to satisfaction and productivity. A powerful, permanent process for educational and career planning, team building, leadership development, and human resource management.


The Highlands Brochure

Student Report


Highlands Ability Battery with comprehensive 30+ page report and 2 hour personalized interpretive feedback session



~ College Prep and Plan Program ~
The Highlands Ability Battery
includes comprehensive 30+ page report,
2 hour personalized interpretive feedback session,
One month (Three sessions) follow up coaching with
Highlands Whole Person Model,
and other tools for life and career planning




Craft Your Customized Combination of:

  • Weekly or biweekly phone conversations
  • Face to face meetings
  • Assessment tools
  • Email and on line assignments
  • Goal setting and visualization activities


As a recent college graduate, The Highlands Ability Battery provided me with invaluable insight for my personal and professional future. Not only did I learn more about myself after taking the online test, but by reading the supplemental book Don’t Waste Your Talent, I realized things about myself that I had never even considered. Particularly when completing the “Thought Experiments” in the book, I was forced to envision myself at each turning point in my adult life and record what I saw. As it turned out, the”choices” I had made early on greatly affected my older adult life in ways I did not expect. This particular experiment manifested into my current state of mind: now whenever faced with an important decision, I carefully consider all direct and indirect consequences. Having the opportunity to see my Highlands Ability Profile as a bar graph and percentage was especially helpful as a quick go-to sheet summarizing my confidential report. The intimate experience of meeting with my HAB coach was very gratifying, as all my questions and concerns about my results were addressed and potential career paths made more apparent. I recommend this program to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and experience the ultimate reward of personal growth!

Caitlin Bingham
UNC 2009 B.A. Music

As a speaker, author, and life coach, Gail’s message is clear. Whether she is speaking individually to a student, working with a classroom activity, or addressing hundreds of educators as a keynote speaker, the question is “Who (not what) do you want to be?” Motivating words make us think, encouraging ideas show us a plan, and challenging concepts help us see where we are and how we can best define our own path. These are custom-made for each audience.

Gail does not just guide us to the dream; she delivers the tools for self-assessment, a thorough explanation of the results, and a personalized plan of action. Individuals and groups seeking a realistic and fun approach to career and life planning will want to contact Gail Ostrishko.

Betty Jo Wimmer, Ed.D, NCC Career Development Coordinator Middle Creek High School