Career Pioneers

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Career Pioneers

‘They just don’t make them like they used to!’

This is a timeless truth; applicable to almost anything you can think of, but especially indicative of current
careers. Past generations went to work for a company with the intention of being employed through retirement.
They offered loyalty and longevity with the expectation of the same from their employer. Many of our parents
worked for the same company for decades, retiring with the proverbial pension and gold watch. Those days are
long gone and for good reason.

Today’s workforce is diverse and dramatic. They are no longer willing to settle for a job, they want a career
that allows them to express who they are through what they do, and to have a life too. They are career pioneers,
in a quest for value and meaning in their lives. Sure, the current economic agenda has thrown a monkey wrench
in the mix, but most people are still not willing to just settle for a job. After all, most people spend more time
working than they do engaged in any other activity!

Our current workforce is comprised of four very distinct generations, all with unique values and perspectives on
their work and their careers. Many older generation employees still embrace the baby boomer mentality, that
we must work long and hard because that is what it takes to build a good organization. They are willing to
make significant sacrifices, and expect others to do the same. Younger workers are less likely to embrace the
same mentality. They are more diverse, socially conscious and technologically savvy. Many are more
committed to raising families and enjoying life than they are to climbing the corporate ladder. They will leave
jobs they do not like, believing they will find another one they do.

Compound the cross-generational issues with the consistent downsizing, outsourcing and reorganization
characteristic of the current corporate climate, and you get a cacophony of unique perspectives. While many
people lose jobs in the process of reorganization, it is not always a negative experience. For many, it is just the
creative catalyst they need to make much needed changes in their lives and their careers. This forced transition
mimics the mama bird pushing her babies out of the nest, forcing them to fly. While the initial plunge is
alarming, it is paramount in the overall process.

Career Pioneers take an internal inventory, literally working from the inside out to determine what makes sense
for them based on their unique strengths and abilities. They are more likely to craft a conscious vision of a
career they desire for themselves and go about finding or creating it, as opposed to the traditional approach of
applying for available jobs based on the best-perceived potential fit.

Career Pioneers embrace the #1 rule of leadership: Know Thyself, in their quest to be leaders in both their
personal and professional lives. They utilize a clear structure for self-evaluation including consciously and
consistently seeking wisdom and feedback from others.

Career Pioneers see work as just one piece of the larger puzzle of life. While it may be the centerpiece for
some, there are other elements that hold equal value in creating a healthy and balanced life.

They are willing, even eager to take risks and they have courage to explore new territory. Pioneers lead the
way, opening up new avenues of thought and development, preparing for new possibilities and adventures.
Don’t you want to be a Career Pioneer??

Gail Ostrishko is passionate about maximizing human resource potential She specializes in helping individuals and
organizations express WHO they are through WHAT they do, in a manner that supports the lifestyle they desire
and deserve. Please visit for more details on her credentials and schedule your complimentary
career coaching session!




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