Impromptu Involvement

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Impromptu Involvement

I read the weather forecast last weak and learned that it was going to be sunny and 65 at the
beach for the next few days. That was all the encouragement I needed to pack my bags and head
for the island! After the cold snap we have experienced already, I was more than ready for a
warm sunny day at the beach. And it was beautiful!! I got in on Monday just in time to see the
sunset and it was nothing short of stunning. A rainbow of hues filled the sky and a unique patch
of fog forged a magical illusion for an amazing arrival to my island adventure.

I gave thanks for the beauty of God’s creation, for the blessing of my simple life, and for the fact
that I can come to the beach on Monday just because I want to enjoy the weather.
Yes, my friends are all envious as they toil at their full time jobs. Of course the tables are turned
for me sometimes as I covet their consistency and predictable income. I think every so often,
that I should get a job, but then I have an experience like this that reminds me why I remain an
independent entrepreneur.

Yes, believe me, it has it’s moments…the highs are higher and the lows are lower, but I have
been doing it long enough that even in the tough times, I know it is worth it in the long run. The
freedom of taking in the sunset on the beach by myself, and watching my canine companion
cavort with the seagulls is well worth wondering which account the mortgage will come from
this month, and imagining what my next assignment or adventure may be.

The casual conversations I have with people I have never met, and familiar faces I pass on the
beach are priceless. I love the impromptu involvement that comes as a result of being in the
same place at the same time. Sometimes it is just a casual hello as we pass. Sometimes we share
the amazing experience of watching dolphin frolic in the ocean, or a rainbow stretched across the
sky. Not as dramatic as the ‘Miracle on the Hudson, or an earthquake in Haiti, but sharing
experiences through impromptu involvement is one of life’s simple and most amazing

Back on the mainland later that week, I came home from a day at the park with my dog to find an
unfamiliar car in the driveway. As we entered the house, Graci barked with delight at the
surprise of seeing my husband’s brother along with his family casually hanging out on our
couch. We had an enjoyable visit, and they stayed much longer than I think any of us
anticipated. After they left, I realized how infrequently they have visited our home, and how
much I valued their impromptu visit. Never mind the fact that Shari excitedly read my recent
column in the Post (she had no knowledge of my writing) and expressed the expectation that I
mention her in my next article. So here you are, Shari Ostrishko, my faithful sister in law.
Sincere thanks for my latest learning and awareness of the amazing value of impromptu

Gail Ostrishko is a consistent contributor to the Pender Post and enjoys sharing and encouraging
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