Island People

I have always known island people are special but even so, I was dazed and amazed by the hospitality our community extended to our recent guests. Natalie, an 11-year-old child from Colorado, wished to go to the beach; any beach.  Her wish was granted through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the universe sent her here to us.  All she wanted was to be at sea level, to feel the water wash over her body and to enjoy a well-deserved respite with her family.   Since I live on the island, I was invited to be her local liaison.  I had the pleasure and privilege of fielding calls and collecting a plethora of opportunities and excursions offered by local businesses and individuals eager to help them explore and enjoy our little slice of paradise. They had no idea what to expect and were a bit overwhelmed, as I was, by our community’s collaborative warm embrace.

Though only a full time resident for just under two years, I have visited Topsail Island for decades.  Our environment is engaging, inviting and fun.  While I love exploring other islands, I can honestly say that this one remains my favorite, for a variety of reasons.

Island inhabitants exude a unique yet universal aura. We love sharing our space with others who respect and appreciate it. We extend hospitality every opportunity we get and rejoice in enveloping others in the essence of our island.

Island people are happy people.  They make a conscious choice to live the lives they desire and deserve, how and where they want to.  While some may see it as an elusive dream, we embrace it as our right and our responsibility to ourselves and to others.  There is just something about living on an island, being near the water, feeling the ocean breeze and watching the sunrise and set that soothes the soul.   These are simple pleasures that some never even experience, oblivious, even indifferent to what they are missing.

Island people are hopeful people; Optimists committed to making our world a better place, realizing we all have the power to choose happiness.
You don’t even have to live on an island to embrace island time anytime. It’s an attitude;   a mindset and mentality that sets us apart from most mainlanders.

Millions of people work jobs they do not like, earning more money than they need to buy things they do not want to impress people they do not even like.  Island people share their souls as a source of inspiration and love to others.  They invite everyone to enjoy what they have achieved and get great pleasure from sharing it.

This does not make us better than others, just a little different.

Everyone is different, and likes different things; not everyone loves living on an island.  The point is to figure out what IT is that you love, and to invest your life in living it.  Here’s to Island people, even those who may choose to live on the mainland.



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