Second Wind!

Wow, I got my Second Wind; I don’t know why I waited so long, but I finally joined the gym.  I worked out consistently when I lived 3 miles from the Y, but when I moved to the island full time, I abandoned my routine.   Ten miles seemed like quite a commute.  I told myself I would work out on my own; I have weights, music and my hip-hop abs DVD that has lived in the original box since its arrival many months ago.  I walk the beach daily with my dog and the pool is open 5 months of the year, but somehow that wasn’t enough.  I didn’t work out consistently and I could feel the difference.

Having the attention span of a gnat, my independent intervals are sporadic and abbreviated.  I start with the best of intentions but something else always captures my attention.  Squirrel.

I realized immediately how powerful the energy of others is when it comes to pushing myself and my potential.  Now I look forward to Zumba and swimming afterwards;   I am up to half a mile as a result of seeing others diligently doing laps.  I am consistently inspired by those around me, and always speak to someone new on every visit, just one of the many joys of joining a gym.

Though I don’t really know them, there is something about seeing the same folks embracing their fitness routines day after day, even if you don’t speak or know their names. We share the value of maintaining our health and fitness within the context of a community that supports us and our goals.   I set new goals as a result of conversations with people I have met for the first time.

The older I get the more work my workout becomes but I still love it.  Zumba is my all-time favorite; how can you not enjoy dancing your way to a fit and fabulous body? I can’t quite move like that cheerleader I was in high school but it’s a lot of fun trying.  There is still something special about shaking my booty that keeps me energized and encouraged.

With friends in town for the weekend, we agreed to a ten-mile bike ride in lieu of my regular routine.  When we woke up to rain and l learned we weren’t riding, going to the gym felt like a walk in the park.  Since it was Saturday, I gave myself permission to play in the pool rather than simply swimming laps. I heard a woman in the locker room say that she prays while she swims, so I tried counting blessings rather than laps and it really works.

How do you catch your second wind?   How do you know when you need to?  And who can you count on to help?  The options are infinite so pick something you enjoy and get going. You will be glad you did.


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