Timeless Truths

Time is on my side, yes it is.  However, time waits for no one, and no one can create time.

Yet we talk about ‘making time’ to do what we value, and ‘taking time’ to get things done.

Most folks feel they have no free time, yet all time is free.

We all want more time, yet we get all the time there is.

It is one of very few, if not the only absolute equitable aspect of life: we all get exactly the same amount of time regardless of how we spend it, and we don’t get more until we use what we have.

Time is an interesting phenomenon; abstract yet absolute, finite yet infinite, a revered nonrenewable resource, always in high demand, yet sometimes squandered shamelessly.

I gained a new appreciation for the power of our perspective on time from a speaker I heard sharing her very personal story as a survivor of the Miracle on the Hudson.

She described many details of the decisions, exchanges and  experiences that occurred from the time the  engine lost power and drifted downward into the river, to the frenzy that occurred as the plane flooded with freezing water, through the survivors being shuffled to safety onto nearby ships.  She reported believing for sure that she was going to die; not once but twice during this overwhelming ordeal; once during their descent from the air, and again when the plane filled with water.

Her most remarkable revelation revolved around the realization that while we all have a clear concept of time; we know there are 60 seconds in a minute,  60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day, we know not how much time we actually have to  pursue our purpose on this planet.

This experience gave her, and her audience, a whole new appreciation for the value of time.  She communicated a keen curiosity regarding how people she had encountered that day would remember her.  She hoped she had come across as a kind, caring person, and made a point from then on to become that person, so if there was ever a next time she would have no doubt in her head or heart.  This was her priority as she pondered her plunge to potential death.

Does anybody really know what time it is?   Does anybody really care?  Yes and yes, for sure.  I have often wondered who is the keeper of time, and who determined we should spring forward and fall back for daylight savings time.   But time is what it is, and try as I might there is no squeezing more out of what exists.

Therefore, my challenge to you is this:   take time and make time today for whatever is truly important to you.   Not quite sure what that is?   Take a close look at how you invest your time and your answer is obvious.



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